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(sorry this took so long, anon!)
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Dear Oofuri Fandom (especially you wonderful people who follow this blog),

You’re all beautiful and fantastic, and I love you all.


the silly blog-runner of dear-oofuri-characters

[Irrelevant text post is irrelevant…]

Sat, 8th September • 1 note
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Hey, everyone!

This blog is still (somewhat) alive, so send in any letters you want! I get them done ASAP after I see that someone sent in a new ask. As long as I have access to my laptop, I usually have the letter done and published in a couple of hours/same day.

Thanks for all the letters that have been sent in! I love this fandom, I do.

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[Note: There was another message in my messages very similar to this one, so I assumed it was the same anon and didn’t make two of them^^]